Sunday, November 1, 2015

Global Warming

The Rising Tides

Global warming is a climate phenomenon that is gradually changing the climate. It is causing warmer summers and colder winters. In the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" the film tries to show the affects of Global Warming. A polar ice cap that broke away from the Antarctica ice shelf. It raised the water so much it warmed up the water causing another ice age. This happened in an extremely short time of several weeks. In real life the water would slowly raise after years of warming causing changes in climate. The water would raise from the addition of freshwater from glaciers would cause a slight increase in ocean temperature which would expand the ocean causing flooding of all costal cities. Every year that people put carbon dioxide into the atmosphere it blocks more heat raising temperatures causing more ice to melt.

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  1. Your post barely even addresses what the assignment was asking for. I didn't want a review of the movie; I wanted a persuasive essay on some topic related to global warming/climate change. Instead, you just give a few brief, and not entirely correct, explanations of a couple related phenomena.