Sunday, October 4, 2015

2001 A Space Odyssey

2001 may have been a critically acclaimed movie and considered one of the best movies of all times, but I simply get the feeling the director did not know how to edit a movie of empty scenes. Oh did you fall asleep? You did, well you did not miss anything the monkies are still sitting around the dirty puddle drinking. The movie is great I loved it but I think it has more empty scenes then it needs to. The movie is long by all accounts, almost three hours, it simply does not need them for example it cuts to Dave jogging around the ship for three minutes that is it nothing else happens it is just him jogging for three minutes. Besides the empty time the movie has many great aspects.

The film "2001 A Space Odyssey" is considered one of the greatest films of all time. The classical music score fits the films slow and delicate pace. One of the best scores in the film is when a space shuttle is coming in to dock with the space station. The process is very delicate and precise where an error would be a disaster, so the ship is carefully brought into dock with multiple checks and in the background throughout this process is a slow and soft piece of music. Not only then but when the astronaut Dave is having his trip near the end of the movie he is assaulted by strange and unfamiliar images and we hear a disharmonious screeching music that also makes the watcher uncomfortable. The music in this movie is very fitting and could not have been done better.

The movie has been lauded as one of the most scientifically correct movies of all time. One great example is the way gravity is provided on the space station. To create the feeling of gravity centrifugal force needs to be exerted on the objects in question which creates a normal force which is the gravity in question. The ship has a center axel which is turning at a speed that creates the force of gravity for the astronauts. Another great example is when the interview is broadcasted to the space station it takes sometime to reach it because the signal for the satellite is at light speed while extremely fast is not instant still takes time to reach the astronauts headed to Jupiter. Although it has mostly great physics one bad example is when the astronauts are on the moon they are not bouncing from the lighter gravity they are experiencing.

I love the movie it is a great film. I found the end the most disappointing at first. Once I go back and rethink it maybe he did find the beings that sent the monolith. Maybe the very trippy lights were Dave's journey through a wormhole following the higher beings. The time he spent in a room is when the put him there to make him comfortable thought out the rest of his life  like an exhibit. This may just be me trying to validate a very different ending for a movie.